Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Look at me! I'm Famous for a week!

Hola amigos!

Here is an article that I was asked to Submit about my experience here in Spain. Take a look! I also attached some pictures of me at my school in Dos Hermanas.


P.S. I am working on uploading all my pictures to Facebook from my adventures in Europe with Brian, I have most of them posted!

I Promise to blog more about our trip this week now that I have some more free time!

Newest updates:

1) I am officially coming home for X-mas! I will be arriving home on December 21st and will be home until January 10th. I can't wait!!

2) The next trip I am taking is on a 5 day trip to Morocco and the Sahara Desert!

I am literally living the dream here it is crazy... You are probably wondering when I work here, and the answer is practically never! I just counted the number of days that I will work in December. With all of the breaks we have and the 2 days I am taking off to come home for Christmas, I will only be working 6 days. WOW.

Two random stories:

First all of, last Thursday I brought Brian to my school to meet the students. We got up early, took the train into work, arrived around 9:15am and found out that the students were on strike, yes, ON STRIKE! Brian and I were so confused thinking, what the heck? If we were to ever go on strike at our high school we would get into SO much trouble. None of the teachers thought that it was a big deal. WEIRD. Brian and I talked to my coordinator about the strike they were having and found out that they were not striking against our school but about the education system in general. They are upset about all of the rules and steps they have to go through in order to get into college. Only in Spain do you see that...

My second story( more of an observation) is that people here do not say bless you. In all of my Spanish classes in the United States when someone sneezed we would say "Salud!". Here when someone sneezes i'm always about to say it but soon I realized that it is not that common. I wonder why that is?

Alright time for bed, more updates to come soon!