Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Feliz Navidad!

Ever wonder what Christmas was like in Sevilla?

Well, I think you should come see for yourself but here is a little sneak preview...

These pictures are of lights, trees, and little nativity scenes in downtown Sevilla!

This is the view from my Balcony in my apartment. The whole street is decorated with christmas lights!

Some interesting facts I learned about how Spaniards celebrate Christmas:

- People in Spain do not celebrate Christmas like we do, they do not believe in Santa Clause, they celebrate the three kings!
- The bigger holiday for them is called " El dia de los Tres Reyes" ( The day of the three kings). This holiday is on January 6th.
-Instead of writing letters to Santa with their wish list, they write it to the three wise men.

I was talking to one of the teachers at my school and they said that families usually do not give their gifts until January 6th but they are starting to give gifts on Christmas. I asked him why and he said that its better for the kids to get their gifts at the beginning of their break because then they have all break to play with their toys. When they get their gifts on January 6th they only have a couple of day to see their toys before going back to school! Makes sense...

Even though Christmas in Sevilla seems great, I am loving being home for the Holidays! I do not regret my decision one bit :).

I hope to see you all while I am home visiting, I will be in town till January 9th!

Happy Holidays!

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