Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Update: Brian is coming to Spain! As a matter of fact he is about to get on his plane to come here in 2 hours!

He booked his flight a week ago and he will officially be arriving here tomorrow at 10am! Luckily Wednesdays are my easiest days and I will be done with work at 9:15 and I will go right to the airport to pick him up, I am beyond excited! I still cannot believe that he is coming. I am so excited to have someone that I love from home here, in Spain, with me! I love being here but I would love it even more if I could spend it with someone from home and to share the experience with them. To me, no matter how much I love living here I would not be able to live here for an extended period of time if i can't spend it with the people that I love. Home is definitely where the heart is. So please, to whoever reads this from home, please come and visit me!

Anyhoo, regardless of how last minute Brian planned to come here, we were able to book a last minute trip. On Friday we are going to Paris for 3 days, then we will arrive to London late Monday night, and lastly ( I am very excited about this) we are going to take a night ferry from the UK to Amsterdam. We will stay in Amsterdam till Sunday. Then on Sunday I will make my way back to Sevilla so I can "Work" and then I will meet back up with Brian somewhere the following weekend. After that weekend Brian will come back to Sevilla with me and spend some time there. He will be leaving on November 21st so he will be here for a good amount of time :).

SOOO excited! I will definitely have a lot to blog about after the next week. Be ready for LOTS of pictures!

Here is a link to the Ferry ride if you want to check it out: http://www.seat61.com/Netherlands.htm#Fares

Email me if you have any suggestions of places to go in either Paris,London, or Amsterdam.

That is all for now,

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