Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Only in Spain...

1) Only in Spain does the principal give out free Condoms and Olive Oil... it shows where their priorities are at.

2) Only in Spain do Gypsies set out tables on street corners and have poker tournaments at 1 in the afternoon. Do these men not have jobs or what?!

3) Only in Spain do they never have soap in their bathrooms. Why do they not believe in having good Hygiene ?

4) Only in Spain do the teachers call in sick every week and never come to work!

5) Only in Spain can a 13 year old girl pick up her father's beer at the local convenient store.


La gente en EspaƱa es muy loca!!

Another random side note ( I have many): Yesterday I was walking to the train station after work and a young girl asked me for a cigarette. I told her that I did not have any and she started a conversation with me asking me where I was from. She was pushing a baby in a stroller which turned out that it was hers. This girl was only 18 years old, she is so young and already has a 1 year old son. I know that accidents happen but I cannot even imagine having a child right now and I am 23 years old. Today during my break at work I went for a walk around town and I ran into her again. This time she was with a friend and she was knocking on a window. I don't know what she was doing but it looked pretty shady as if she was doing a drug deal. It made me sad to think that here is this young girl, only 18 years old, and she had to grow up so quick. I am thankful for the way that I was raised and that I am capable of making smart decisions ( not saying I make them all the time but I am capable of them!). Thank you ma and pa for raising me the way you did!

Okay time for work... Adios!

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