Tuesday, March 20, 2012



Not much has been happening here in Spain since I went to Switzerland. After spending an arm and a leg in that country I decided to cool it off a bit and save up some of my money this past month. Spending extra time in Sevilla is also never a bad option :). A few weekends ago I went to the beach with my friend Sarah and her spanish roomate Ana. We had fun enjoying the weather and taking in some sun. Here are some pics from our day trip...

...Sarah and I hangin out on the beach :)

This picture turned out really good...

On the way back home we stopped in this small town called El Rocio. It had this really pretty church and we were able to stop and look inside.

Back in Sevilla, What a beautiful sun set!

The beach was a lot of fun! I take advantage anytime I can to take little day trips here and there. Even though I love Sevilla its nice to be able to get out and see new things when you can.

The other day my friend posted a status on Facebook talking about the family life in Spain. Her status was:

"Just spend alllll day at a barbecue with a family - eating, talking, joking, playing soccer. Americans need to learn from Spaniards. Family time > Productive time. In fact, I think family time is the most productive time there is. When's the last time you hung out with your extended family long enough to have 2 meals in one event? Ugh. I've got a lot to learn."

I really took this to heart because it is so true. Americans do not prioritize what is most important to them. We choose to work more over spending time with our family, the people that we love and should love more than our work. I tried to think of when the last time I had two meals in one day with my extended family and I don't think I ever have. ( Besides the Bucks) Being here it has opened up my eyes to how important family is and how we tend to take advantage of each other. We assume that they will always be there and instead find other activities to fill up our spare time.

Along with that, my parents are about to arrive in Sevilla! I cannot wait :). We plan on visiting Ronda, Granada, Cadiz, Barcelona, and of course, Sevilla.

Look out for my next blog which will be about the visit with mis padres!

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