Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What would Rick Steves do?

This seemed to be the question of the day for the past couple of weeks.

First of all, the trip with my parents was absolutely amazing!! We saw so many great things. More to come about our trip....

Why did we need advice from Rick? Well, its because there was a general stirke that took place in Spain the day that we needed to fly to Barcelona. Soo luckily our flight was not cancelled but it was a mess trying to get to and from the airport in Sevilla/ Barcelona.

Now this past week i have been debating on whether or not to make my trip to southern France. I was scheduled to leave today and return to Sevilla on Saturday. It turns out that my flight on Saturday was pushed to Friday giving me not a lot of time to spend in the 3 different cities I wanted to visit. The two girls I booked the trip with decided not to go. Therefore I had to make the decision whether I wanted to go by myself or not at all?

That's when I wished I could talk to Rick Steves myself at ask him....

Turns out last night at 11pm I got an email saying that my flight today was cancelled because there is a strike taking place in France! What in hell is going on with all of these countries in Europe having strikes?!? All I know is that it made my decision a lot easier on whether or not I should go to France and that these countries need to get their act together and stop cancelling flights and having strikes!!

Looks like I am spending the week in Sevilla, which if there is any place to be in Spain during Semana Santa ( Holy week) its Sevilla. Sevilla has the most processionals and celebrates the week the most out of any other city in Spain!

Cheers to a week of saving money and enjoying Semana Santa in Sevilla!

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  1. I really need to learn who this Rick Steves character is. I also want to hear more about Barcelona and see some pictures :) I finally figured out how to post on here after 8 months!